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Erotica Mystique

About the Artists
Su & Don

We are a husband (photographer) and wife (artist and designer) multi-media team at Erotica Mystique creating sensual, innovative and thought provoking erotica.  Long-time N.W. residents and self-taught artists, Su & Don have been exhibited in several Northwest galleries and fortunate enough to be an award winner at a Seattle gallery exhibition and shortly after that, published.  Our work has been seen online in 150 countries worldwide which is pretty thrilling.

Erotica Mystique was born out of our desire to create one of a kind artistic, sensual works of art that stir emotions by fusing our passion for photography with graphic design.  Using natural beauty, light, shape, form, color and texture to celebrate the erotic being…we capture special moments.

If we make you look for just that extra second, or, you feel an emotional response to one or more of our images, we know then that we have created something special.   Our goal is to create sensual experiences that individuals can indulge in and find delicious.

Through our willingness to jump off cliffs to experience new things along with our mixed-up, crazy, yet wonderful way of looking at life, many have told us that we have created a jewel, and for that we are grateful and feel fortunate. Thanks to all the incredible individuals we have met along our journey and hope to cross paths with again soon.

Thank you for taking time to experience our work, we hope you enjoy and would love to hear your comments and feedback, so please stop in and let us know what you think.

If you like what you see, contact us and arrange to set up your own photo shoot. It’s a fun and remarkable experience and results in a great personal portfolio or as a special gift for a loved one. We love working with Professional & Amateur Models, as well as Couples.

If you are interested in purchasing artwork, discussing an individual photo project or just sending us a hello, feel free to contact us anytime through madura@comcast.net.

 Su & Don

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